Grab N Go


Wild Rice Blend rice seasoned with cumin and dried apricots topped with pine nuts served with seasonal vegetable curry
French Indigo lentils cooked in our house made BBQ sauce, topped with minced celery and served with millet grits (SF, NF, GF)
Veganized version of Malaysian soupy dish - dried noodles with curry sauce (turmeric, galangal, curry leaves, ginger, tamarind) with vegetables and oven roasted tofu
Potatoes, mushrooms, onions with fresh thyme slow cooked until the moisture is absorbed and potatoes are cooked served with Pasta (must choose GF or Whole Wheat) SF, NF, GF**
Oven baked Carrot and Quinoa Fritters with nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, parsley with Cashew Mustard Sauce
Mushrooms, spinach, tofu cooked and mashed with vegan cream cheese, tahini, baked in a puff pastry sheet
Plantain chips in 7 flavors made in small batches with organic sunflower oil, herbs and spices
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