Every successful event should have great food! We know that food can make or break an event. Importantly, today, more than ever, everyone is a foodie!
Built into that are high levels of customer education and awareness into nutritional benefits, potential food allergens and an ever increasing diversity in food requirement requests.
We are proud to have built a reputation for offering fresh and flavorful menus highlighted by innovative spins on food.

Our carefully curated custom menus designed to reflect your vision while taking into consideration your dietary needs and budget.

Supporting food sustainability:
There is both excess and waste in the food and catering industry. As we are seeing increasingly, our environment directly impacts the quality of ingredients and hence our food. Our menus are designed to minimize waste.
We care as deeply about sustainability as we do about flavor, nutrition and presentation. We aim to buy local, seasonal produce in support of local farming and only use 100% compostable serve ware.

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